The National Costume Workshop at the Romsdal Museum produce national costumes and accessories, for women and men. The workshop also makes rutastakker for children and adults and offer a rental service for bridal equipment.

The National Costumes of the Romsdal Region


The costume workshop was established at the Museum in 1983. Locally several versions of the male and female costume were already available, and our intention was to recreate a costume, similar to the one used in Romsdal before 1880.

So far this has resulted in four different versions of the female costume with beautiful linen shirts, with hand stitched embroideries, red woolen or kalamank vests, stakker and kjoler in various woolen textiles or moiree with embroidered pockets in wool or silk, cloaks and capes of wool, colourful headscarves and aprons and all topped up with silver jewelry. There is also a male costume with relevant accessory as well as accessories for the bride.

Colourful national costumes from the region reflecting identity and heritage in materials as well as craft. 

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