Balestrand in Sogn


The green mountain slopes along the Sognefjord is abundant with orchards built on fertile land, with sufficient irrigation, a mild climate and the sun reflected in the fjord below. This is the «terroir» of the region, and also where we find Norway’s first historical references to apple orchards and aldinshagi, dating back to the 1100s.

Cider from Sogn


Apple orchards and cider production is synonymous with the Sogn region. Our grandfather, Andreas Eitungjerde, established the orchard in 1922 with a separate wine cellar on the small farm where the Ciderhouse is situated today.

Balholm is a brand of fruit and berry juices that are produced according to local traditions and techniques. The old fruit storage facility, 200 yards from the Ciderhouse, is where fruit is being pressed and juices bottled. We carry a selection of more than 30 local fruit drinks in our outlet.

To us at the Ciderhouse, the apple represents a craft as well as a passion. We will let you taste pressed fruit juices, cider, fruit wines and spirits, and teach you the characteristics of different cider styles and distillation. Many an exciting story can be told about the world’s apples and fruits.

You can also visit the country’s only cider restaurant. The dishes we serve are fitted to the different cider styles we produce. The Ciderhouse welcomes you to the tasty world of apples!


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Apple and Cider


Tasting cider and learning

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